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Served every day: oatmeal, bread for sandwiches, processed cheese, butter, jam, cream, milk, yogurt. Alternate: scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes with cottage cheese, black tea, green tea, instant coffee. In addition, all day tea and coffee you can get for free at any time.

Information services

Background information about the city and attractions.

Map of the city.


Transfer to the airport, the railway station and from airport/train station.

Car hire, reservation of air and railway tickets, taxi call.

Entertainment services

Ordering tickets (theaters, exhibitions, concerts, museums, cinemas), excursions and water tours.

The decoration of rooms, ordering of flowers.

Business services

Round the clock access to the Internet Wi-Fi, long distance and international calls, faxing, copying and printing of documents.

Visa support and registration of foreign citizens.


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